First Draft of “New Year’s Eve” Finished

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I’ve just finished the first draft of “New Year’s Eve”.  It’s shorter than most of the other stories (right now) in the collection, weighing in at just under 1,800 words.  Chronologically, it’s the first “Tavia” story, of which I have three planned.  There might end up being four, though.  I’ll have to see.

One question I haven’t quite answered yet is, what structure will the Tavia stories take within Long-Distance Dedications?  I have two possible tracks in mind:


1)  Separate stories, all with individual dedications.

2)  A novelette within Long-Distance Dedications.


The advantage of the novelette idea is that it would avoid having multiple dedications all to the same character.  The disadvantage of it is that it might break up the flow of the book to have numerous smaller stories and one huge chunk in the middle.

If you’ve got an opinion, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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