Another Story Added to Long-Distance Dedications

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Well, if you follow/friend/circle me on Twitter/Facebook/Google+, you know that I’ve just finished the first draft of “Confirmed”.  As it stands right now, it’s one of the larger stories of Long-Distance Dedications, although it’s not the longest.  I mention this because of all the stories I’ve written for the book, this one has come together the quickest.  (In first draft form, at least.  I’m not convinced that I’m done, because there will undoubtedly be alpha and beta readers who say I ended the story too quickly, and I’ll have to give them due consideration.)

One of the things I personally found interesting about writing this piece is that it’s the first time (but not the last) that Dave makes a direct reference in a story in Long-Distance Dedications to another story in the book.  The other stories have objects, or maybe people, that are referenced from story to story, but this is the first time that a scene in one story ends  up as a subject in another story.   As I said, it won’t be the last time, so if you’re into that kind of thing, look for it in the book. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it when you read it.  It should be out of beta form rather quickly, and then I’ll start deciding where to put it (either direct to Amazon or submitting to magazines).


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